Monday, November 30, 2009

VY continues to save Field Goal Fisher's job

After yesterday's win over the Cardinals, the Titans are 5-6 and tied with Houston for last in the AFC South one game behind the Jags and in the mix for a possible playoff spot. It seems crazy that the Titans are even in the playoffs conversation but yet they are because of the superb play of VY and those around him. One month ago the team had no life, no spirit and no heart. Now they are the complete opposite because Titans owner Bud Adams stepped in and told Field Goal Fisher to start VY.

"I don't get involved with the coaches. I made this move this time because I see we had lost six in a row and we had 21 of the 22 players that got us the best record in the NFL in 2008,'' Adams said. "I said, 'It is time to make a change right now.'
"Not that I was against (Kerry Collins), but Vince was ready to go in there and play and he's played like I thought he would play, too.''

Will Fisher ever admit that he DIDN'T want to start VY or that he did everything he could short of openly defying the owner to prevent VY from starting...nope. He'll stick with the usual coach speak of how it's 22 guys working together, we got some guys back who were hurt, we've grown as a defense...everything but acknowledging that it's the play of VY that has turned this thing around. Everythine else Field Goal Fisher says is true, but it's what he won't say that matters the most; VY has saved the Titans season and has saved his job.

I don't think Bud would have fired Field Goal Fisher at the end of the season but I do believe that he would have given him and the rest of the coaching staff an ultimatium for next season; get to the playoffs and win a game and everyone is safe. Anything else and...we'll see.

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