Monday, February 22, 2010

Tebow getting an overhaul

Tim Tebow was a great college QB in Urban Meyer's system at Florida; well suited for the spread because of his size, his running ability and he was able to throw well enough to hit open WRs. He didn't take snaps under center except for kneel-downs at the end of games and he showed little to no ability to read a defense when the Gators got pummeled by Alabama in the SEC Championship game.
As Joe Theismann said;
"Obviously at Florida they don't teach throwing the football," and also said Tebow's mechanics are "poor." Theismann also said pointed out that Urban Meyer and his staff have "no clue" regarding the process for preparing a quarterback to play "at the next level."
As Tebow admitted the same thing to Adam Schefter of ESPN;
"I'm not changing who I am or how I approach football," "But there are things that I can get a lot better at -- my fundamentals. I've never been asked to shorten or quicken my release and not have a loop in it. The changes I'm making have gone very well and it's becoming more and more natural to me."

These traits would doom any QB not named Tebow but with Tebow it's different, he's a story. Tebow is working out at D1 in Nashville, TN trying to fix everything wrong with his mechanics, his delivery, taking snaps under center, and his footwork. (In a bit of irony, D1 is partially owned by.....Peyton Manning)

Tebow can be an NFL QB, of course so is Brodie Croyle.

Thanks to ESPN for the video and the quotes.


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